Amana Market:Trusted Market Solution for All.

Your complete market solution and business companion for seamless trade, efficient management, sales and procurement, fees collection, financing, risk management, and sustainability

Tools to grow your markets

Our cutting-edge platform offers a vast array of features to cater to your market requirements, regardless of your geographical location. From empowering agricultural markets and supporting farmers to facilitating trade in bustling urban markets and shopping centers, Amana Market is your one-stop market application.

Member Access

Identify and vet members to ensure the safety and security of your market.

We offer a variety of tools to help you manage your members and keep your market safe, only verified members can trade on your online market.

Price Discovery

Get real-time market information and make informed decisions.

Our platform provides you with the data you need to get the best possible prices for your goods.

Wallet Systems

Store and transfer funds securely and easily.

Our wallet systems make it easy to make and receive payments, even across borders.

Trade Financing

Access the trade financing you need to grow your business.

We offer a variety of financing options to help you expand your reach and explore new opportunities.

Fees Collection

Collect fees from vendors easily and efficiently.

Our platform makes it easy to set up and manage fees, and to collect payments electronically.

Insured Purchases

Protect your purchases with insurance.

Our platform makes it easy to set up and manage fees, and to collect payments electronically.

Why choose Us?

Amana Market is designed for market managers and participants like you!

Accessibility for All

We cater to a diverse range of trading businesses, streamlining procurement and sales processes for everyone.

Seamless Communication Channels

Stay connected effortlessly, whether you operate in urban or rural areas, through our mobile app, web platform, USSD, or our convenient call center services

Risk Management

Prepare for any challenge with personalized plans, tackling specific risks, providing weather insights, climate guidance, insurance options, and tips to reduce your business's carbon footprint

Community Stewardship

All solutions are tailored to your market hub to enable you effectively manage your market hub to produce the best results..


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Amana Market

Amana market connects farmers and traders to buy and sell in a simplified eco-system that allows for exchange of information and validated transactions. Join Amana Market today and take advantage of our services to effectively connect with markets around you.

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